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Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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Crawlspace Insulation Upgrade

This customer wanted to upgrade the insulation in their crawlspace and install a vapour barrier on the floor.  

Before and after with all the insulation on the floor

Rodent infestation, horrible smell, musty damp insulation pulled out of floor joists, we cleaned it out, sprayed with germicide , re-insulated for a full perimeter seal, put in rodent proof steel mesh , clean space to encapsulate it all and a dehumidifier to regulate the relative humidity. 


Crawlspace & Waterproofing in Surrey

The homeowner had water coming in from an elevated crawlspace, running down an interior wall in his basement. We installed a 3-inch drain tile and stone to collect and direct the water into a sump. Afterward, we insulated and sealed the entire system.

Crawlspace repair in Chilliwack

A little bit of water in the crawlspace.Installation of Drain Tile, Wall wrap, Drain mat, Super Sump system and Battery Backup, Dehumidifier

Installed a Super Sump System with Battery Backup + Ice guard & a perimeter Drain tile. Drain Mat & Clean Space on the floor Rigid Insulation on the walls

Crawlspace would flood with a high humidity level. 

We added a drainage system to control the water with a sump pump and a battery backup pump. 

After the drainage system was added, we did a vapour barrier system and insulation to control the humidity level.

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