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Before and After Pictures from Vancouver
Installed a Smart Sump Pump in Vancouver

Installed a Smart Sump Pump in Vancouver

Before After
Installed a Smart Sump Pump in Vancouver Installed a Smart Sump Pump in Vancouver

Installed a Smart Sump Pump system with battery backup

Installing a CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system

Installing a CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system

Before After
Installing a CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system Installing a CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system

The task involves installing a CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system in a specific area as indicated on a drawing, following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. The installation includes securely attaching and sealing the system at the interior footings and piers (support structures) to ensure it is tightly in place. Additionally, it requires fastening and air sealing near the top edge of the foundation walls, unless there is already insulation in that location. The goal of this job was to create an effective barrier that covers and seals the crawl space, providing protection and potentially improving energy efficiency in the enclosed area.

Polyboard Crawlspace Door Install in North Vancouver, BC

Polyboard Crawlspace Door Install in North Vancouver, BC

Before After
Polyboard Crawlspace Door Install in North Vancouver, BC Polyboard Crawlspace Door Install in North Vancouver, BC

This customer was looking for better access to their crawlspace.  We designed and built a crawlspace door that was lighter than her previous door, and looked better under her stairs.

Vancouver, BC's Wet Basement & Foundation Repair Experts

We're so happy, we did this project. The crawlspace feels so much cleaner, smells better and the house is warmer. ...
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Reviews From Vancouver
Testimonials From Vancouver
Very satisfied with previous work and our neighbour was having the same work done by your company.
Testimonial by Sue H. from Surrey, BC
For me personally, having a job done so professionally and smoothly with no conflicts or complaints is a...
Testimonial by Starr R. from Vancouver, BC
Just want to thank Basement Systems Vancouver for a job well done, and for solving our leaky crawlspace...
Testimonial by John B. from Surrey, BC

Basement waterproofing, foundation repair, & crawl space repair contractors

Since 1996 Basement Systems Vancouver has been your number one source for home improvement repair in Vancouver, BC. Our reliable customer service, solutions, and craftsmanship is the reason our friends and neighbors trust our solutions and keep coming back.

If you need reliable basement waterproofing, foundation floor crack repair, foundation wall crack repair, and more, then call 1-844-386-0681 or click below to schedule a free estimate today!

Wet basement repair in Vancouver, BC

If you have basement wall or floor cracks, crystalline deposits, pooling water stains, or other signs of water infiltration, then call the waterproofing experts at Basement Systems Vancouver today! 

We provide reliable wet basement repair solutions that not only dry your below-grade space but assure it is secure and habitable for years to come. With superior Basement Systems solutions, expert skill, and durable craftsmanship, our contractors can restore your basement!

Our basement waterproofing services include:

  • French drain systems
  • Foundation waterproofing
  • Basement flooding solutions & repair
  • Basement Sump pumps
  • Basement crack repair
  • And more

If you are interested in any of these secure basement waterproofing services, then contact the experts at Basement Systems Vancouver to schedule a free service estimate!

Foundation wall crack & floor crack restoration

Cracks make your foundation vulnerable to water infiltration and added damage. As water seeps into your foundation, mould growth, crystalline deposits, and concrete degeneration begin to develop, making the entire structure susceptible to more damage. At Basement Systems Vancouver we offer reliable foundation wall crack and foundation floor crack solutions that not only restore your structure but prevents future damage!

Our foundation wall & floor crack repair includes:

  • Foundation floor crack repair
  • Foundation wall crack repair
  • Perimeter drainage systems
  • Polyurethane sealant
  • Multiple layers of drainage
  • And more!

To learn more about our reliable foundation crack repair system, call 1-844-386-0681 or click below to schedule a free structural repair estimate in Vancouver, BC today!

Crawl space repair & sealing solutions

Whether you have crawl space water infiltration, mould growth, or structural damage, Basement Systems Vancouver has solutions for these issues and more. Our certified CleanSpace encapsulation system assures your crawl space is dry, secure, and usable. We can provide reliable repair and sealing solutions before the damage can spread and worsen!

Our crawl space services include:

  • Crawl space waterproofing
  • Crawl space drains
  • Crawl space vapor barrier
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Crawl space structural repair
  • Crawl space sump pump
  • Crawl space winterization
  • And more!

Want to transform your humid, pest-infested crawl space into a dry, clean, and secure storage area in Vancouver, BC? Call the experts at Basement Systems Vancouver to schedule a free crawl space repair today!

Mold treatment & removal services

No one wants to deal with nasty dry rot, mould growth, or dust mites, but if they are left to spread, these indoor air pollutants can cause home damage and increased health issues.

At Basement Systems Vancouver we provide reliable mould removal, dust mite removal, wood damage repair, and other indoor air quality solutions!

To schedule a free mould removal and repair estimate in Vancouver, BC, contact us today!

Schedule a free basement waterproofing & foundation crack repair quote today

At Basement Systems Vancouver, we are determined to provide a level of service that exceeds expectations. Since 1996 we have provided excellent customer service, superior products, and skilled craftsmanship to produce long-lasting repairs that keep our clients happy and their homes secure.

If you are interested in scheduling a free basement waterproofing, foundation crack repair, mould removal, or crawl space repair quote in Vancouver, BC, call 1-844-386-0681 or click below today!

Case Studies From Vancouver
Basement Systems Vancouver inspected the crawlspace of Second Church of Christ, Scientist in 2020. Howie, contacted us because he reported musty...
The home is a two story home on acreage built in 1991. This 6000+ square foot home was up for sale. When a buyer made an offer, the inspector found...
Jeanette and Rick C. had just bought a home in Hope, BC. A beautiful rancher built in 1969 on a crawlspace. A couple of weeks after moving in they...
Press Releases From Vancouver
Basement Systems Vancouver has recently been awarded at the Team Basement Systems International Conv...
Basement Systems Vancouver has recently been awarded at the Team Basement Systems International Convention.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Vancouver, BC
French Drain System Installed in Coquitlam, BC

Robert K. was looking at selling his home.  He had suffered from moisture problems in his basement for years. He knew he had to address these issues before selling his home.  Robert contacted us at Basement Systems Vancouver to come take a look.

Lars Bressel met Robert at his home for the inspection.  Robert was not interested in digging up the outside of his house to replace his drain tile. Instead, he was interested in the WaterGuard Drainage system installed by Basement Systems. Lars did find signs of moisture throughout the basement. This was due to the original Big O drain tile being compromised.  Lars designed a French Drain system to ensure that the basement stays dry all of the time.  

After consultation with his realtor and home inspector, Robert chose Basement Systems Vancouver to complete the work. He has since sold his house, and the new owners have the confidence of a 25 year warranty against water in their basement.

French Drain System Installed in Coquitlam, BC - Photo 1French Drain System Installed in Coquitlam, BC - Photo 2
Uneven Crawlspace Repair North Vancouver, BC

Kimberley had just purchased a new home in North Vancouver. The building inspection showed some dampness in the crawl space, but good integrity/quality of foundation etc. There was alo a musty smell coming up into the house which she was looking to have addressed.

Upon the inspection by Frank Beck, he found an uneven crawlspace that was built into the mountain.  Some areas were as short as 12 inches.  The system Frank designed to address the homeowners concerns, and the home inspectors findings included CleanSpace, CleanSpace Drainage Matting, and removal of all debris.  The installation was particularly challenging as the house was built on rock face, and the crawlspace was quite low in areas.  But now the homeowner has a healthy crawlspace and no longer has musty odours throughout her house.

Uneven Crawlspace Repair North Vancouver, BC - Photo 1Uneven Crawlspace Repair North Vancouver, BC - Photo 2
Leaky Basement in Burnaby, BC

Vivian H called Basement Systems Vancouver as she was experiencing water in her basement during heavy rainfall.  We set an appointment for Frank Beck to go and meet with her to inspect her basement in her home.

Upon inspecting her home, Frank found standing water, heavy signs of efflouresence, and water ingress where the floor and wall meet. Vivian wanted the work addressed from the inside of the home as digging up the outside would be too costly due to her walkway and gardens. A french drain system was designed using our patented Waterguard System. The installation took two days, and no outisde digging was required.

Now when the heavy rains begin, this homeowner can rest easy in her dry and healthy basement.

Crawlspace Encapsulation in 100 Year old House in Vancouver, BC

Mike called us to have a look at his crawlspace in his 100 year old house in Vancouver.  It was a dirt crawlspace, with low vents and lots of obstacles suchs as large rocks, and floor joist supports. Upon inspection of the property, Frank Beck noticed higher than acceptable levels of humidity, and also the damp earthy smell that comes from dirt crawlspace.

Frank designed a system to reduce humity, seal the crawlspace and create dry storage area for the home owner.  Basement Systems Vancouver installed our CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation Line, As well as a SaniDry Mini Air System. Now Mike can enjoy a dry, fresh and healthy home, with tonnes of extra storage space.

Crack Injection with FlexiSpan in Abbotsford, BC

Mr and Mrs B. in Abbotsford live in a 1980's rancher.  For years they had been dealing with moisture ingress into their half underground basement.  They met Basement Systems Vancouver at the Abbotsford home show, and learned more on how they can fix the problem.  

After the show, Frank Beck visited their home and inspected the moisture issues. After inspection, Frank noted two vertical cracks in the foundation that were leaking into the basement. His recommendation was our polyurethane crack injection with FlexiSpan. This procedure took less than a day and required no outside digging. Mr and Mrs. B were elated with the service they received from Basement Systems Vancouver and are now enjoying a dry basement.


Encapsulated and Sealed Crawlspace in Tsawwassen, BC

Justin contacted Basement Systems Vancouver about 4 main concerns he had with his older crawlspace in Tsawwassen, BC.  His concerns were the damp musty odour, heat loss during the winter months, rodents and ground water seepage. 

After the inspection of his crawlspace, Frank Beck noted insulation falling, high relative humidity, and signs of moisture ingress.  The system designed for Justins' home consisted of the Cleanspace Vapour Barrier to seal off his crawlspace, a SaniDry dehumidifier to clean and dry the air in his home.  We also insulated the end caps in his crawl saace to combat heat loss through the winter months. 

Now Justin can enjoy his dry and healthy crawlspace in his home, and also benefits from extra dry storage space in his home.  As crawlspace repair is our specialty at Basement Systems Vancouver, we were happy to help Justin achieve his goals for his home.


Encapsulated and Sealed Crawlspace in Tsawwassen, BC - Photo 1Encapsulated and Sealed Crawlspace in Tsawwassen, BC - Photo 2Encapsulated and Sealed Crawlspace in Tsawwassen, BC - Photo 3Encapsulated and Sealed Crawlspace in Tsawwassen, BC - Photo 4
Crawlspace Encapsulation in White Rock, BC

Steve H. had a dirt crawlspace that was damp, and musty smelling.  He needed to use the area for storage, but found his personal items were getting damaged.  Steve called Basement Systems Vancouver looking for a permanently dry and healthy crawlspace.

The main component of Steve's crawlspace repair was the Cleanspace crawlspace vapour barrier.  This 20 mil thick liner isolates the home from the dirty below, thus drying out his crawlspace, and is tough enough to store items on top of without worrying about tearing the liner.  We also installed drainage matting below the liner to increase crawl space drainage, and also to make crawling around softer on his knees.

Now Steve has a dry, healthy crawlspace that adds a lot of storage space to his home.  Basement Systems Vancouver was happy that they could solve this White Rock, BC crawlspace issue once and for all.

Crawlspace Encapsulation in White Rock, BC - Photo 1Crawlspace Encapsulation in White Rock, BC - Photo 2Crawlspace Encapsulation in White Rock, BC - Photo 3Crawlspace Encapsulation in White Rock, BC - Photo 4
Work Requests From Vancouver, BC
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
- We have an apartment building having water leaking at 2 locations. 1. Water leaking into the suite from outside. 2. Water leaking from one wall into the underground parking lot.
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
Just want to ensure that I have a battery back up in case of power failure or pump failure.
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
Looking to get a whole home air purification system installed. i would also like to know how much filters could cost and if there are washable filters avaible.
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
Mud crawl space needing encapsulation. Want estimate
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
Recurrent basement leak
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
We have a sump pump and a basement suite, have had problems would like back up
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
Some minor water ingress in basement suite due to atmospheric river over the weekend.
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
Basement of our home in Kits. Just moved in. Hard rain today (Dec 4) and portion of the carpet closet to the furnace and water heater are quite damp.
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
Leak in basement wall
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
We have a house, built in 1909, in East Vancouver with groundwater issues in the basement when it rains in the fall and winter. My uncles and grandfather drilled a hole in the concrete and installed a sump pump that empties into a toilet, but our family would like to have a better solution to the problem.
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
We are in the process of lowering our basement, and looking for someone to install an interior perimeter drain.
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
Some surface mold under the beds in my basement suite
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
I would like to get an estimate for installing a waterproof barrier and vents in our crawl space.
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
Basement drainage backflow after raining for few days
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
Our strata building foundation Crack needs to be Repaired and the whole foundation needs to do water proof.
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
Repair of vertical crack of residential detached garage foundation.
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
Hi, I'm looking for price and availability on a sump pump as per attached pictures. Thanks, Miguel
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
We are a property management company. The owners of this space reported a musty smell in the basement. I do not find there to be any musty smell but it is an older home and we want to be certain there is no damage therefore we would like a member of the team to visit. Please and thanks.
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
Wet basement (cracks on foundation wall, spalling on foundation concrete floor), mold issues.
Project Location: Vancouver, BC
Would like to get an estimate for a sump pump replacement.
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