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SmartJack® Crawl Space Stabilizer
Crawl Space Winterization

Basement Waterproofing
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Wood Repair
Mold Removal
Dust Mite Removal
Mold Treatment
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15 Year BBB Accredited Business Award
In 2014, Basement Systems Vancouver was recognised for their 15 years as a BBB Accredited Business.... [Read more]
Thank You from the Surrey Food Bank
Basement Systems Vancouver Inc. donates every year just before Christmas to the Surrey Food Bank. Gloria drops off the boxes... [Read more]
2008 Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association Subcontractor of the Year
In 2008, the Greater Vancouver Homebuilder's Association recognized Basement Systems Vancouver with their Subcontractor of the Year Award.... [Read more]
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The installers were very friendly, accomodating, and professional....
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Testimonials From Langley
It was very clear that your company knew what it was doing. Thank you very much. Your staff was very friendly, professional and reassuring.
Testimonial by Christopher W. from Aldergrove, BC
The salesman explained everything clearly and concisely.
Testimonial by Dave and Laurie M. from Langley, BC
Other companies' suggested "fixes" that did not seem long term or cost efficient. I did not feel they would solve my situation in the end.
Testimonial by Brenda L. from Langley, BC

Crawl space repair, foundation repair, & basement waterproofing services

If you need reliable crawl space repair, foundation repair, or basement waterproofing services in Langley, BC, then look no further than Basement Systems Vancouver. We have been providing excellent customer service, patented products, and reliable craftsmanship since 1996!

So, whether you have a musty crawl space, foundation floor cracks, or a damp basement, we have these solutions and more. Call 1-844-386-0681 or click below to schedule a free estimate today.

Crawl space repair & crawl space encapsulation contractors

A nasty pest-infested crawl space, with moisture control issues, falling insulation, and increased humidity is difficult to deal with, which is why you have the experts at Basement Systems Vancouver. Our patented CleanSpace solutions not only restore your crawl space but also assure it is dry and secure enough to be used as a storage area.

Do not wait for these nasty crawl space symptoms to worsen and destroy the rest of your home -- call the experts at Basement Systems Vancouver today!

Our crawl space services include:

  • Crawl space waterproofing
  • Crawl space drains
  • Crawl space vapor barrier
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Crawl space structural repair
  • Crawl space sump pump
  • Crawl space winterization
  • And more!

Interested in scheduling a free crawl space repair and crawl space sealing estimate in Langley, BC? Call 1-844-386-0681 or contact us online to learn more about our crawl space repair and moisture control solutions!

Foundation crack solutions for walls & floors

If there are visible cracks in your foundation walls or floors, then that means your structure is vulnerable to water damage. Do not wait for water infiltration, mold growth, pest infiltration, and other foundation crack issues to worsen and spread throughout the rest of your home. Contact the foundation specialists at Basement Systems Vancouver today!

Our foundation wall & floor crack repair includes:

  • Foundation floor crack repair
  • Foundation wall crack repair
  • Perimeter drainage systems
  • Polyurethane sealant
  • Multiple layers of drainage
  • And more!

Our foundation wall crack and foundation floor crack solutions are durable, long-lasting, and restore value to your home. To schedule a free foundation crack estimate in Langley, BC, call 1-844-386-0681 or click below today!

Wet basement repair contractors

If you have a wet basement, with mold growth, wall and floor cracks, pooling water stains, or other signs of damage, then the waterproofing experts at Basement Systems Vancouver can help. With certified Basement Systems solutions, we can transform your dingy, damp basement into a dry and habitable below-grade space.

Our basement waterproofing services include:

  • French drain systems
  • Foundation waterproofing
  • Basement flooding solutions & repair
  • Basement Sump pumps
  • Basement crack repair
  • And more

To learn more about our services or to schedule a free basement waterproofing estimate in Langley, BC, call 1-844-386-0681 or contact us online today!

Mold removal & repair solutions

If you have noticed mold growth, dry rot, and dust mites growing throughout your home, then contact the indoor air quality experts at Basement Systems Vancouver. Not only do we remove mold, dust mites, and other indoor air pollutants, but we also provide wood repair and other mold prevention services.

Keep your family safe from harmful mold and other indoor air pollutants and schedule a free estimate in Langley, BC today!

We offer free crawl space & foundation crack repair estimates

If you are sick of your wet crawl space, cracked foundation, or damp basement then contact the repair experts who care about your home's value and security with Basement Systems Vancouver!

We have been restoring homes since 1996, providing excellent customer service, proven products, and reliable solutions. If you are interested in scheduling a free estimate for any of our crawl space repair, crawl space encapsulation, crawl space waterproofing, foundation wall crack repair, foundation floor crack repair, and more, then call 1-844-386-0681 or click below in Langley, BC.

News & Events From from Langley
Basement Systems Vancouver Helping to Feed the Hungry
To help feed the hungry in the local community, Basement Systems Vancouver is now collecting donations for the Surrey Food Bank. They will be collecting both monetary and food donations at their office located at #12 8207 Swenson Way in Delta until December 16. ... [Read more]
Basement Systems Vancouver will be in booth 25 at the Fall Home Show in Langley, running from October 1-3, 2010. Come see us there.... [Read more]
Work Requests From Langley, BC
Vicinity of in Langley
We have three window wells that are decaying (wood) and need to be replaced. I would appreciate a quote to have new well walls installed. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Langley
Crawl space cleaning and repair as needed. Bought this house in 2016. The space is in its original condition. x 2 minor flood due to faulty and outdated water pipes. This year, it smells moldy and dusty.
Vicinity of in Langley
Could we get a a free estimate for removal and replacing as we have plumber changing all the water pipes.
Vicinity of in Langley
We are looking at purchasing a home and recently had an inspection done. The one thing that came back in the report was that one of the wood support posts in the crawl space has water damage. He said it didn't look like there is any signs of leaking currently and most likely the leak has been repaired. I am just wondering what an estimated cost would be to repair/replace the wood support. Thanks, Jordan
Vicinity of in Langley
Some minor moisture in the crawl space. May be related to not having a French drain outside, but curious as to repair costs. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Langley
Crawl space cleaning
Vicinity of in Langley
Our crawlspace smells musty and there's mould on the insulation and would like an estimate as to what it would cost to fix that.
Vicinity of in Langley
Have a failed crawlspace wall. Just looking to get a quote. Thx.
Vicinity of in Langley
Have a crawl space that is in decent condition however I am looking to have the crawl space sealed and insulated
Vicinity of St in Langley
Hello we have small amount of water leaking into north side of basement during heavy rains. Also some concerns with water seepage in garage hoping you could look at as well when you are there but primary issue and priority is the basement water leak
Vicinity of in Langley
Estimate for crawl space encapsulation vapour barrier.
Vicinity of in Langley
Musty smell in crawl space.
Vicinity of in Langley
Vicinity of in Langley
Would like to have the old insulation and plastic barrier replaced.Some mold after a pest control person removed the moisture barrier for service. Thanks
Vicinity of Smith Place in Langley
Hi there, We would like a quote to encapsulate an older crawlspace as we are undergoing extensive Reno. Current crawlspace is 1300 sqft, would like to seal off as well as crawlspace addition that we will be doing, which is another 375 sqft. So total of 1675 sqft to encapsulate. Thank you,
Vicinity of in Langley
I need my crawlspace cleaned after a recent renovation. It is mainly dirt with some construction debris. I also need the box ends vapour barriered. The crawlspace area is approximately 1300 SF and is approximately 3" high. It is very tough to maneuver around.
Vicinity of in Langley
Cracks in basement floor allowing water to come up from below the house
Vicinity of in Langley
Would like an estimate to finish the crawlspace which has some damp spots in the winter and one hairline crack in the south pony wall. The original skim coat has some cracks.
Vicinity of in Langley
I have wall cracks in my basement. One is under stair from top to the bottom and couple small ones under window corners. What kind of work to be performed for the repair of cracks? What is the cost of the work?
Vicinity of Wakefield Drive in Langley
We have a dirt crawl space in our 38 year home. Lately we are getting a musty smell throughout the house when it rains. There has always had some water in the low area. interested in having a sump pump, vapor barrier, ventilation options or suggestions. We also need the furnace duct work re-done in the crawl space. Approximate 800-900 sq foot area, 3-5 feet tall crawl space with a hatch to enter. We are home in the evenings for a quote and it is probably best to email to set up a time. Thank you ! Steve and Beth Geeves
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