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Crawlspace and Waterproofing in Surrey

We cleaned the crawlspace, upgraded the insulation, and eliminated the damp environment 

Spraying of Mould killer, Insulation repairs & Super Sump pump (M98) system installation

What have we done in this house? 


-Insulation was repaired to keep the house with minimal energy loss properly.

-Super Sump Pump was installed to help with water issues in the crawlspace

-Mould killer was sprayed to kill affected areas that were showing signs of mold

Crawlspace & Waterproofing in Coquitlam

The daycare facility experienced a water leakage issue, prompting the implementation of effective measures. Trench work was undertaken to divert and contain the water, complemented by the installation of a sump pump to efficiently eliminate excess water and ensure a dry and secure environment.

Cleaned crawlspace in Coquitlam

The client was looking to have some or all of my crawlspace thoroughly cleaned and set up for a more accessible arrangement of storage shelves.

Super Sump and Feedline in North Vancouver

The Super Sump and Feedline system is a basement waterproofing solution that effectively manages excess water and prevents moisture buildup. This job involves installing a powerful sump pump and a specialized feedline to ensure the basement stays dry and protected from water damage.

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