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Properly sealing a crawlspace in South Surrey

Unproperly sealed 6Mil poly was stapled to this customers baseplates, and moisture was trapped below and continued to oxidize and cause a huge build of of efflorescence and mold.

Thankfully we were able to resolve the issue before this caused rot to their baseplate.

Vapor Barrier in South Surrey

This customer has 6 Mil poly taped around a chimney in their  crawlspace.  It was not adequately sealed, and you can clearly pull back the vapor barrier that was installed.  You can see how it should look when it is properly sealed.

No structural integrity

You can see there is a piece of wood that is not structurally imperative to this crawlspace that can be knocked over with a light touch.  Instead of removing this piece of wood, it was just taped around.   We removed it, and now this area looks a lot cleaner.

Crawlspace Vapour Barrier - South Surrey, BC

Crawlspace Sealing in South Surrey, BC

A crawlspace in South Surrey, BC that was suffering from flooding, iron ochre and high levels of humidity.  Now the homeowner as extensive dry storage area in their home.

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