Just Add Water - Negative Effects of a Wet Basement or Crawlspace in BC

Due to stack effect, at least 50% of the air in your home originates from the basement or crawlspace.  If you have below grade moisture issues, this air carries that humidy up into the living area of your home.  Below are a few effects this can have on your home:

  • Sticking or swollen doors and windows
  • Smelly damp carpets
  • Buckling hardwood floors
  • Condensation/rotting/mould in your attic
  • Frost or condensation and mould on the inside of your windows in cool weather
  • Increased heating bills (Damp air takes more energy to heat)
  • Mould growth up stairs
  • Allergies

The damage moisture in a basement or crawlspace causes is obvious, the list above represents many of the effects that can happen throughout your home that you may not associate with a wet basement or crawlspace.

Source:  Dry Basement Science - Larry Janesky.

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