Helpful Tips to Prevent Basement and Crawlspace Moisture Problems

Friday, September 24th, 2010 by Fraser Hay

With the rainy season coming in Vancouver we have a few tips that may help keep your basement or crawlspace dry through the season.  If these do not work, keep in mind at Basement Systems Vancouver, we specialize in fixing wet basements and crawlspaces. Permanently!  You can contact us at anytime for a free written estimate.

First, make sure all of your rooftop gutters are clear of debris such as leaves, moss and dirt.  Also, make sure that gutters are securely attached to the home and not damages or leaking. 

Second, check the grading of the landscaped areas next to your home.  Does the ground slope away from the home properly?  Is the finished grade too high? (top of the foundation wall is below the final grade of the landscaped soil or grass)?  Regrade any areas that are questionable. 

Next, do the rain leaders direct the rooftop water away from the foundation or do they simply splash the rain water on the ground directly beside the home?  If the rain leaders feed directly into the perimeter drainage, is this overtaxing and/or clogging the perimeter drainage system?  Is the water coming into the basement through a window well?  Is the window well filling up because a rain leader empties into the ground nearby?  In BC, we receive a large amount of precipitation so rain leaders and downspouts should be connected to a separate systems that carries water at least 10 feet away from the home.

If all of these areas appear to be in working order and you still have moisture in your basement or crawlspace,  we are available to come out and inspect the problem, abnd provide you with a free written estimate. 

Basement Systems Vancouver is a member of the largest waterproofing dealer network in the world.  We offer a wide range of patented solutions to ensure your basement or crawlspace is dry ALL of the time.

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