Don't Let the Humidity Destroy Your Crawl Space

Dont Let the Humidity Destroy Your Crawl Space - Image 1Delta, British Columbia- Humidity levels are a major concern for homeowners with crawl spaces today.  Many crawl spaces in Vancouver are dirt, vented, or unconditioned concrete which is a recipe for disaster.  If any of these conditions sounds familiar, there is a great possibility that water vapor is moving into your crawl space with no notice at all.

As water vapor flows into your crawl space, it is then pulled upwards into the rest of your home.  This is a major problem as it can create a place where mold, mildew, and other airborne spores can easily thrive and multiply.  These airborne problems can cause many health problems and have negative affects on people who already have asthma or other health concerns.  

Another fear of homeowners is that crawl space humidity can cause permanent damage to the wood beams in their crawl space.  If rot and decay are affecting the structure of your home it is definitely time to do something about your crawl space humidity.

Installing air tight crawl space vent covers and doors, a crawl space vapor barrier, and a crawl space dehumidifier are simple solutions to your big humidity problems.  Air tight vent covers and doors seal your crawl space so that there is no unwanted, moist air seeping into your crawl space.  

Our state of the art crawl space vapor barrier keeps your crawl space dry and protects your structure and insulation from the prospects of mold and rot.  Lastly, installing a crawl space dehumidifier also keeps your crawl space dry and clean as it self-drains, powerfully blows throughout the entire crawl space, and filters air to keep your whole home fresh and healthy.

The experts at Basement Systems Vancouver specialize in crawl space dehumidification for basements and crawl spaces alike.  With 15 years of experience and excellent service, we can solve all of your crawl space humidity issues so that you will never have to worry about going down to a wet crawl space again! If you're having issues with crawl space humidity in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, or the surrounding areas, contact us today for a free estimate!

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