Simple Basement Organizing Tips

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 by Fraser Hay

One of the places I use to avoid inside my house is the basement. I always hated it among other areas in my household because of the dust and the pile of boxes of clutter that have accumulated over the years. Thankfully, I found a great organizing technique; I've finally got rid of all my household clutter including the one in my basement. You too can organize the most cluttered area you have; even your basement.

Most people never attempt to organize basement because of the large area they have to cover. Organizing a basement requires some time, so don't expect to accomplish everything in just a single session. Set aside an ample of time daily to de-clutter your basement.

The secret to successfully de-clutter a huge area like the basement is simply by working on sections. This will make the task smaller and manageable. If your basement is so big you have no clue where to start; simply pick the closest corner next to you, and work your way around the basement. If you like storing your items in boxes then check each one as you come across it. Get rid of any junk you may still have in there. Defective items that are beyond repair should go directly in the "throw away box". If you find working items you might no longer need. Put it in your "give away box". Later, you can probably donate it to a thrift store or to a church sale. You could also earn a little cash by selling you're used but of course working items on eBay. I've read a lot of stories about people earning big from the things found in their basement.

Most basements are usually damp due to moisture seeping in from the cellars. This poor condition can damage any items that are being stored in the basement. A dehumidifier can be used to temporarily get rid of moisture and extend the life of the stuff you may have in your basement. As a permanent solution; have your cellar waterproofed to improve your basement condition.

As you work around the basement, try not to skip anything. Do not hesitate about getting rid of things that are no longer used. Keeping something simply because of its sentimental value might not be a good idea. It would only take space and add up as clutter in your household. Keep a rag with you so you could also get rid of the dusts that have accumulated over the years.

El Bilson authored the book "deClutter Solution a Method to Fit Your Modern Lifestyle". For more home organization ideas, and additional organizing basement tips, visit

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