What Makes a Crawlspace Smell Like One?

If you own a home with a crawlspace, chances are you have noticed a damp musty odour coming from the crawlspace, or on the boxes removed from the crawlspace.  The answer is quite simple.  Mould!  Mould can even grow in a "Waterproofed Crawlspace". 

Mould needs organic material to grow (which many crawlspaces are full of.  Boxes, Insulation, drywall, carpet etc.), and high relative humidity - over 55-65%.  It does not have to be wet fro mould to grow, just humid.  In fact mould will not grow under water.

A proper air systems such as the Sani-Dry systems ensures that relative humidity stays below 55% all year long so mould does not have a chance to grow.  Proper encapsulation and keeping the humidity levels low will help eliminate those damp musty odours in your crawlspace.

If you are interested in learning more about our crawl space repair techniques visit our crawlspace repair section.

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