4 Steps to a Dry and Healthy Crawlspace -

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 by Fraser Hay

Crawlspaces are valuable storage spaces in any home, However an unhealthy crawlspace can not only cause loss of square footage, it can also be the cause of musty odours, health issues and rot in the rest of the home.  Below are four steps to ensure any crawlspace stays dry and healthy.

  1. Repair the water leakage.  If any water is leaking into the crawlspace.
  2. Isolate the house from the earth.  A durable vapour barrier will provide a long term solution.
  3. Seal the vents and any outside air leaks.  This will keep damp humid air from entering the encapsulated area.
  4. Condition or dehumidify your crawlspace.  This will create a dry healthy environment through the whole home.

Taking these steps will not only help with the air quality in your home, it will increase the storage square footage in your home.  Help cut down on energy costs, as dry air is cheaper to heat than damp, humid air.

A healthy home starts with a dry basement or crawlspace

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