5 Common Areas Basements Leak in Metro Vancouver

Basements have many ways to leak during the heavy rainy season in Metro Season.  There are 5 common areas that basements tend to leak from.  Below is the list:


Floor Wall Joint

This is where the floor and the wall meet.  Typically a leakage here signals a problem with the drainage around the home.


Wall Crack/Honeycombing

This is either a hairline vertical crack in the wall, or a horiziontal honeycombing.  These can be difficult to spot as they can be behind drywall on the basement. 


Window Wells

Sometimes, druing settling a crfack can form on the window section of the foundation.  This can cause water ingress into the basement.


Basement Entry Doors

If the drainage outside the basement entry door is lacking, this can cause signaificant water to entre the basement.


Floor Cracks

Sometime moisture can come up through cracks in the floor.  This usually signals a Sump Pump system is required in the home.


If you feel your basement is suffering from a leak, have a professional come out and take a look for you.  Call Us today at 1-844-386-0681.

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