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Basement Systems Vancouver Case Studies: Humid Church in Vancouver, B.C.

Monday, March 1st, 2021 by Jessica Wourms



Basement Systems Vancouver inspected the crawlspace of Second Church of Christ, Scientist in 2020.  Howie, contacted us because he reported musty smells and moisture coming from the crawlspace of the church.  He reported the bibles pages were sticking together due to the high humidity arising from the crawlspace.  This church is known as a historical landmark, constructed 1919.

The crawlspace was manually dug out to create a full height basement in some areas, and new openings, doors and tunnels were created to provide access to even the furthest corners of the foundation.  Upon our inspection, we noticed a lot of moisture in the dirt floor.  We recommended drainage matting, which helps moisture and water move freely, topped with our patented 20 Mil polyurethane Cleanspace Liner.  Howie agreed that this would be the best course of action and proceeded with our company.


We installed a total of, 13,165 Square Feet of our patented Cleanspace product.  It took our company just over three weeks to complete.  Howie has already noticed a huge difference in smell, and moisture.  The overall environment smells and feels cleaner and more purified.

Basement Systems Vancouver was honoured to take part in the restoration of such a historical landmark, we know that our work will provide a healthier and cleaner environment for years to come, and preserve such rich piece of history in the heart of Vancouver.

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