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Basement Systems Vancouver is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Abbotsford. Learn more about Basement Systems Vancouver's recent work requests in Abbotsford and nearby areas!

Learn more about Basement Systems Vancouver's recent work requests in Abbotsford, BC
Vicinity of Highfield Crescent in Abbotsford
Hi, I have purchased a new home in Abbotsford and move in January 21st. There is a crawl space and in the inspection we located a few hairline cracks. The inspector recommended we have someone will them in so water cannot get it. Can you please email me and I can send you the pictures. We would love a quote for this. Thank you.
Vicinity of McAdam Rd. in Abbotsford
I have a cracked foundation wall and water is coming in from outside
Vicinity of Holland Ave in Abbotsford
Our basement keeps flooding. We've found where the water is coming in but don't know how to stop it.
Vicinity of Delair Rd in Abbotsford
Water is leaking into basement of older home especially during heavy rains
Vicinity of Simpson Rd in Abbotsford
I have a crawlspace with a concrete floor with a bad musty smell lots of efferesence in the concrete
Vicinity of Clearview Crescent in Abbotsford
Hi have some inside walls that get wet due to the fact that is not drainage around the house. Just would like to know how much do you charge to do a french drain around or were is need it?
Vicinity of Highfield Cres. in Abbotsford
There is water in our crawlspace. House inspection pointed it out. Not sure where it is coming in. Has to be looked at and fixed.
Vicinity of Harper Drive in Abbotsford
Basement smells musty and has had water damage in the past. Thinking of installing a dehumidifier.
Vicinity of Townline Rd in Abbotsford
I have wet walls in my Basement need help to fix them
Vicinity of Champlain Drive in Abbotsford
Current issue is possible freezing of our water supply piping in the crawlspace, but we have also had issues with pests (rats) in the crawlspace, and every winter our floors on the main floor are very cold due to the un-insulated crawlspace. As a temporary solution to our pipe freezing issue, I'm going to install some heat tape on the pipe, but I'd like to get an idea what it would cost to seal our crawlspace properly.
Vicinity of in Abbotsford
I am in a ten year old home with a five foot crawlspace. The floor is skim coated concrete. I noticed a couple of years a ago a dark strip of concrete on along the edge of the floor and the foundation wall (about 2 inches wide and 5 feet long). It isn't wet at all (a piece of tissue paper doesn't get wet) but there seems to be a bit of mineral precipition along the same dark strip. The foundation wall does not have any signs of the above. Not sure if anything is wrong, but I am interested in waterproofing my foundation and improving my drainage regardless, as I live in a somewhat flood prone area.
Vicinity of Goldfinch Street in Abbotsford
We need to get 3 vertical cracks fixed in our home's foundation. All 3 are about 6 feet long. 2 are uncovered and accessible from inside while third one is covered with drywall. I would like to know the cost of the fix as well if you provide a long term guarantee for it and how to best fix it. I am only available on the phone number given above in the evenings. Also there is lot of conflicting information on the internet about how to fix these cracks. Some claim they can only be fixed from outside after digging while some say they can be fixed from the inside. Any info on this will be appreciated. Thanks
Vicinity of Lynden Street in Abbotsford
Estimate for perimeter drainage problems causing cracking and bubbling of basement walls, cracks on exterior foundation
Vicinity of Davie St in Abbotsford
I have water coming into my basement through cracks in the cement wall. We have a sump pump at one end of the basement to pick up underground water but it isn't enough. I need help.
Vicinity of Lower Sumas Mtn. Rd. in Abbotsford
WE have a home that we had custom built 2 years ago - and created a media room in the bunker beneath our 2 car garage. About 8 months after we moved in - we noticed that we had mold growing on the baseboards of this room - and after air testing - determined that the builder had not implemented sufficient air exchange for the space. The room has been pulled apart/ floor sealed and additional fan installed to improve air circulation. However, shortly after the repairs where completed - we noticed that familiar musty smell in the room return - and has continued to become stronger. Our builder seems to be at a loss as to what to do beyond this- and we are looking to have this resolved to 100% as we have invested a sizeable amount of money to date in creating this space - and want to be able to use it as it is intended. Please get ahold of me to discuss getting someone out to take a look at the space - and give us your assessment on what it will take to resolve this so we can define some form of action plan.
Vicinity of Lock Street in Abbotsford
Looking for a quote on damp proofing a new foundation. There is about 115 feet of 4 foot concrete wall that requires damp proofing.This is under a 97 year old home. Also wondering if ridgid insulation can be added to the exterior of the Delta ms? Thanks.
Vicinity of in Abbotsford
We have a cabin in the Merrit area that needs the crawlspace done. Strong odor in cabin,mice etc. Currently has dirt floor with plastic covering that is quite haphazard. About 25' x 25', 3 feet high. Would you go that far? and about how much? thx Brad
Vicinity of Victory Blvd. in Abbotsford
Require a quote on vertical crack in foundation with some leaking, possible sump pump replacement, maybe basement refinishing. Thanks, AA
Vicinity of Arcadian Way in Abbotsford
Hi, would like a quote on sump pump installation. Thanks.
Vicinity of Marshall Road in Abbotsford
We have a basement suite, the exterior entrance leads to a long concrete hallway between the house and the garage with a staircase down to the interior door of the suite. We have noticed a musty garbage smell in the hallway for the last couple of months, this morning there was a pool of water at the bottom of the stairs. Please contact us.
Vicinity of Ward Rd in Abbotsford
Have had work done on a wet basement but moisture content in the new concrete self leveling floor still too high to put down flooring overtop want to find out about a moisture barrier and dehumidifier

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